Robocar unmanned electric car designed for racing

The MWC event, which takes place in Barcelona, dedicated to mobile technologies. However, the company Roborace involved in the development of unmanned racing of electric vehicles, chose for his first demonstration of his brainchild called Robocar.

The car differs from the previously published images, which is not surprising, since its development has only just ended. Demonstration of ready-made electric vehicle was a clear indication that the race of driverless cars — business today.

Racing shell length 4.5 m and width 2 m is endowed with a battery of battery capacity of 540 kWh and four engines with a capacity of 300 kW. As stated, the motors can accelerate a Robocar to 320 K/h. For navigation on a track is a set of sensors, including two radars, lidars, eighteen ultrasonic sensors, two optical speed sensor and six cameras. Processing the incoming data, the movement of the machine is controlled by computer, created by Nvidia.

Source: Engadget

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