Robert Bosch GmbH will provide half of the required Apple motion sensors for the new iPhone

According to the source, the group of companies Robert Bosch GmbH, which includes more than 20 companies have won orders for the supply of motion sensors (the source implies gyroscopes and accelerometers) for the new generation of smartphones iPhone. At the moment the main supplier of such products for Apple is InvenSense.

However, not all orders will go to Bosch. The source says only about half of all the required sensors, while the remaining half will take on InvenSense.

It should be noted that after the appearance of these news, shares of InvenSense fell in price on 0,47%. So a slight decline seems strange, given the fact that Apple provides the company with about 60% of revenue. Perhaps this is due to the fact that InvenSense will soon come under the control of TDK.



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