Roadmap AMD lets you find out about the company’s plans until 2019

Amid rumors and leaks are always fun to look at official documents that shed light on the future products of a company. Now we can do this thanks to the leaked roadmap of AMD.

To begin, we note that the document is dated by the first quarter of last year, that is, over time the company plans have already been some changes.

So the first of those solutions that have not yet been announced, are Snowly Own server APU and CPU Naples. These processors will be produced on 14-nanometer process technology, and the maximum number of cores will reach 32. TDP will be in the range 35-180 watts. The output of these solutions is expected in the near future.

Next are the processors Horned Owl. They will exist in the form of a CPU and APU, and in the second case, AMD will take these decisions to the category of single-chip embedded systems class. They will exist in the market together with CPU and APU Banded Kestrel. According to early information, the first will be available for the platform, AM4, and in the performance of FP5 BGA, and the second only in FP5 SoC BGA.

So, the solution Horned Owl in any case will contain four cores with SMT support. In the case of embedded APU solutions will receive eight GPU compute units (512 stream processors), and TDP will be 12-15 watts. In the case of the models for the desktop segment number of stream processors will be 704, and TDP will be between 15-45 watts. APU (their company is called single-chip systems) Banded Kestrel will receive two cores and only 192 stream processors GPU in TDP from 4 to 15 watts. In all cases, talking about cores, Zen relevant now generation.

In 2018 we expect server processors Starship. They will come already seminomatous technology, and the number of nuclei Zen second generation will reach 48, with the support of SMT. TDP will be 35-180 watts depending on the model. These solutions will replace the processors in Naples.

In 2019 is expected to yield CPU and APU Gray Hawk, also containing a processor core Zen new generation. Workflow — 7 nm. These decisions will have four processor cores with a TDP of 10-35 watts. Solutions River Hawk will appear later and will represent about the same APU and CPU, but with only two processor cores and a TDP 4-15 watts.

Already we can see that the timing of the appearance of some of the solutions are shifted so that and regarding the rest, you need to expect some delays. More detailed characteristics of most of the generations of processors, you can see through the images.



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