Ricoh is not going to cease production of consumer cameras

Yesterday, the newspaper Nikkei reported that the company Ricoh could completely abandon the production of consumer cameras, having been engaged in automotive solutions. Since this information was quick to replicate topic resources, Ricoh has found it necessary to make a rebuttal.

On the Ricoh website published a message that said, data on intention to cut production cameras and to leave the consumer market are unfounded. The company did not make such statements.

Ricoh continues to focus on products with high added value, including camera brands Pentax and GR, which are appreciated by users and enthusiasts of photography. In addition, Ricoh considers itself the market leader in input devices for VR and AR with camera Ricoh Theta and expects rapid growth in this market, so plans to expand this area. In addition, Ricoh intends to develop solutions for business based on proprietary technology cameras.

Source: Ricoh



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