Ricoh could completely abandon the production of consumer cameras, such automotive solutions

According to the source, Ricoh, known for its cameras, intends to radically rethink your business strategy. The company is considering the option of complete rejection of the issue of the cameras for the retail market, including models under the brand Pentax and GR.

The business of the company remains unprofitable amid rising sales of smartphones, better images of these devices and gradual refusal of consumers from compact cameras, and from others too.

Ricoh wants to concentrate on cameras for cars and commercial segment as a whole. The manufacturer expects its first devices for the automotive market will be ready next year. This is not the first manufacturer to see the option to save their business in the automotive segment.

At the moment Ricoh ranks sixth in the world among manufacturers of cameras with interchangeable lenses and the eighth largest among manufacturers of cameras in General. In addition, the company is engaged in printing equipment.

Additionally, the source reports about the dismissal of 1,000 employees of Ricoh in America, and in Japan, some employees will be offered the option of early retirement.



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