Reviews of AMD Ryzen will appear online on February 28

As we know, AMD Ryzen will present on February 28. On sale they may appear as early as 2 March.

As for the reviews, AMD gave the green light for their publication in the announcement day: February 28. At the moment the company is in the process of sending test samples of thematic resources, so less than two weeks, you can expect a large number of related, and some of the most conscientious resources clearly will publish the results early.

For example, the resource WCCF Tech has already received five CPU: OCTA core a couple models, a couple of Quad-core and one with six cores. All belong to the family which is habitually called the Black Edition. In the name of such processors are distinguished by the letter X at the end.

These CPU are characterized by technology-enabled XFR. This technology allows the processor to increase the frequency above the value of a higher frequency if the temperature allows. Given that all processors Ryzen will have an unlocked multiplier like CPU which is ideal for those who like to overclock don’t want to, but don’t mind getting a little extra performance.

By the way, these processors will be equipped with the most efficient chillers, which are modified versions of Wraith cooler.



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