Revenue growth of 34% and a good forecast for the current quarter provided Amazon shares to a record

Amazon has published a report on the results of the third quarter of the 2017 financial year, which ended for her on September 30.

Amazon sales for the last quarter of the year amounted to 43,74 billion, which is 34% higher than a year earlier. The operating profit decreased from 575 to 347 million dollars, and net profit increased by only $ 4 million, reaching 256 million

It may also be noted that the division of Amazon Web Services (AWS) demonstrated revenue growth of 42% to 4.58 billion dollars. According to analysts, Amazon Web Services occupies 30% market share, ahead of closest competitor in the face of Microsoft Azure more than doubled.

In the current quarter, Amazon expects revenue in the range of 56 to 60,5 billion, which would correspond to growth at an annual rate of 28-38%. Operating profit is expected to reach $ 300 million.

Importantly, after the publication of the report, Amazon shares soared in price of 13.34% from a peak in the history of the company the level of 1102 of the dollar.



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