Return move: ASML takes action against Nikon

The company ASML today announced that it filed lawsuits against Nikon. According to the company ASML, the Japanese manufacturer has violated more than 10 of its patents. These patents relate to digital cameras, equipment for the production of semiconductor products and flat panels. The lawsuit was a response to a similar accusation Nikon vs ASML few days ago. By the way, ASML categorically denies that infringes any patent Nikon.

The lawsuits were filed in Japan. One of them, the company ASML filed on its behalf, and the second — together with its strategic partner, the company Zeiss. In addition, according to ASML, additional lawsuits will be filed in the United States.

Previously, ASML and Nikon were already parties to the patent dispute. In 2001, Nikon has asked the international trade Commission USA (ITC). Two years it took ITC to come to the conclusion that ASML does not infringe the patents Nikon. The company ASML and Nikon as a result concluded a cross-license agreement that allowed them to focus on core activities without being distracted by patent disputes. Some patents have been licensed forever, others for the period up to 31 December 2009. The transition period during which the parties agreed not to file lawsuits against each other, ended on 31 December 2014.

Source: ASML



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