Resource DxOMark has changed the methodology of testing cameras. Google Pixel, added one point, and the iPhone 7 the same shot

Resource DxOMark, known for its tests of the cameras, decided to change the testing methodology cameras smartphones. The need for this overdue at least due to the fact that the source methodology was developed in 2012.

We will not delve into the features of the new test algorithms in comparison with the old, but note something interesting.

Specialists DxOMark didn’t just change a method, but had a re-testing on several machines. Total of seven: Google Pixel, U11 HTC, Apple iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, iPhone 6 and Nokia 808. As you can see, the list is far from complete, and, at least from the point of view the best camera, it still lacks a model. Probably soon, it will replenish other smartphones.

Meantime, note that Google Pixel now shares in HTC U11 first place with a score of 90 points, whereas previously he had 89 points. In turn the iPhone 7 lost one point, and the Galaxy S6 Edge — four points.


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