Residents of the city of Phoenix (AZ) will have the opportunity daily to use unmanned vehicles Waymo

As you know, the company Waymo that was allocated in the holding Alphabet to focus on unmanned vehicles, with the largest number of cars among all other market players.

Among other things, Waymo has hundreds of minivans Chrysler Pacifica. These machines are the basis of the pilot program, which launched Waymo in Arizona. The program involves the use of unmanned vehicles by usual residents. In this case, the residents of Phoenix.

Anyone can leave a request on the corresponding website Waymo and, if positive, will be able to use Autonomous cars daily. Of course, the selected users will have to compile a trip report, thus helping the company in development of technologies.

It is also worth noting that specifically for this project Waymo ordered another 500 minivans Pacifica, equipped properly! That is, the total number of unmanned vehicles Waymo is already about 1,000 cars.



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