Represented Intel Xeon processors Scalable

Intel has introduced the Xeon Scalable. The manufacturer positions them as solutions for computing centres and infrastructure networks. Allegedly, compared to the previous generation, the new processors deliver performance gains of the system 1.65 times, and in applications of artificial intelligence — 2.2 times.

The advantages of the new platform manufacturer considers the instruction set extensions Intel AVX-512, internal connection wire mesh Mesh topology Intel Architecture, support Intel QuickAssist technology, Intel Optane SSD and Intel Omni-Path Fabric. Evaluation of the Intel, it gives the opportunity to increase the number of simultaneously available virtual machines in 4,2 times compared to four years ago.

Intel Xeon processor Scalable is divided into five lines. Top — Intel Xeon Platinum 8100, which reduced most of the productive models with the number of cores up to 28, including the support work in multiprocessor systems with a number of sockets greater than eight. Embedded controllers can work with the DDR4-2666.

Followed by Intel Xeon Gold 6100 and Intel Xeon 5100 Gold. Participating processors have up to 22 and 14 cores, respectively, is suitable for configurations with two and four processor sockets. Intel Xeon Gold 6100 memory support DDR4-2666, Intel Xeon 5100 Gold — DDR4-2400.

Line Intel Xeon Silver 4100 belongs to the middle segment, Intel Xeon Bronze 3100 — elementary (marketed as a replacement Intel Xeon E3). The maximum number of cores equal to 12 and 8, and the maximum supported memory DDR4-2400 and DDR4-2133, respectively.

All processors except the Intel Xeon Bronze 3100 support Intel Turbo Boost technology 2.0 and Intel Hyper-Threading. All have 48 PCIe 3.0.

Both brand Intel Select Solutions, which will advance solutions to simplify the deployment of VTS and network infrastructure. First they will be configurations available for Canonical Ubuntu, Microsoft SQL and VMware vSAN 16 6.6.

Source: Intel



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