Represented electric scooter Electric Scooter Xiaomi Mi price $290

As expected, today Xiaomi introduced a new vehicle, but it was not a car, as many thought, and the electric scooter . The product is made in the same minimalist style as the previously presented Xiaomi Mi Qicycle Folding Electric Bicycle, but its design is simpler and the cost lower.

The body is made of aircraft aluminum, the power to the motor is supplied from the battery with a capacity of 280 W·h scored 30 items LG 18650. Maximum cruising range on a single charge is 30 km away. the Compact electric motor propels the lightweight (12.5 kg) the scooter up to 25 km/h. Maximum torque is 16 Nm. Interestingly, the product of the applied regeneration system kinetic energy generated by braking energy goes to charging the battery. Similar to the principle of the system used in Formula 1 race cars.

Mi Electric Scooter as Mi Qicycle Folding Electric Bicycle, foldable made: one button for only three seconds, the handle is lowered to the ground. The device is equipped with pneumatic tires with a diameter of 8.5 inches, disc brakes front and rear, anti-lock brake system (in Russia, at the moment, this system became mandatory for all cars only from the first of January of the current year) and cruise control.

On the handlebars of the scooter has a small led headlight with power of 1.1 W, the four LEDs of the indicator of the battery charge.

Xiaomi wouldn’t be myself if I did not provide users with the ability to monitor how actively used the scooter, and energy for its movement, via smartphone. For this purpose, special application, and sync Mi Electric Scooter and smartphone is via Bluetooth.

Novelty, estimated at $290, will go on sale in the domestic market this month and will be offered in black and white versions.

Sources: Gizmochina, TP



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