Reporting compatibility with AMD processors Ryzen Threadripper, Cooler Master has mentioned three new liquid cooling system

On the Cooler Master website published a message about the compatibility of liquid cooling systems produced by this manufacturer, with AMD Ryzen Threadripper in the performance of the TR4.

For installation of liquid cooling systems for these processors, Cooler Master offers the use of a mount RL-TR4B-MLLS-R1.

List of liquid-cooling systems Cooler Master, compatible with AMD Ryzen Threadripper includes models MasterLiquid 120, 240, 120 Lite, Lite 240, 240L 120L RGB and RGB. Moreover, the latter three models have not yet been announced and not yet available in the catalogue of the manufacturer.

It is easy to understand that the common feature MasterLiquid 120L and 240L RGB RGB is a full color backlight. Based on the fact that these models are recommended for use with AMD processors Ryzen Threadripper, we can conclude that they cope with dispersion of not less than 180 W of thermal power.

Cooler Master


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