Replacement back glass iPhone 8 will cost significantly more than you think

As soon as Apple announced the iPhone 8, the Network immediately there were many jokes on the subject of what is now the fall will have to replace yet and the rear window. In fact, this is true for any apparatus, which back is covered with this material, but with Apple everything is always more critical according to many users.

So, today started the sales of new products became known, how much would it cost the owner to replace the rear glass. To begin, we note that even for those who have signed up for AppleCare+, the replacement glass will not be cheap. If the replacement screen costs $ 30, for the rear window will have to pay $ 100.

Full replacement cost altogether is $ 350 for the iPhone 8 and $ 400 for the iPhone 8 Plus! That is, the replacement glass is estimated at more than half the cost of new products in the base versions. But that’s not all. In certain cases when it would be too much destruction of the rear window, regardless of the plan AppleCare+ have to pay full price, to say the least not happy.

The cost of the service plan, AppleCare+ for iPhone 8 is $ 130 and the iPhone 8 Plus — $ 150.



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