Rent movies in iTunes finally earned on multiple devices

Apple device users know about the possibility to rent movies from the iTunes Store and play them on Mac, iPod, iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV.

Since the advent of this feature, it took about nine years, all the while the users to view rented movie on the device from which the payment was made services.

That is, start to watch a movie on your smartphone or tablet, and to complete the view on a large home theater screen was impossible. New update for iTunes version 12.6 introduces the long-awaited innovation, the main idea of which is reduced to the phrase «pay once, look at anything.»

In order to take advantage of the new opportunity, you will need iOS 10 iPhone and iPad, as well as tvOS 10.2 for Apple TV. These firmware are still in the stage of open beta testing, but soon this innovation will be available to all owners of Apple devices.



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