Renewable energy sources are still not sufficiently reliable, consider to Siemens

Member of the Board of Directors of Siemens Cedric Neice (Cedrik Neike) spoke at the conference Green + Together, which was devoted to renewable energy.

According to him, renewable energy sources are critical in order to change the entire energy system of the world, but at the moment they cannot be considered stable and reliable sources.

Cedric NACE noted that in this regard, conventional power plants are much more reliable. With the development of renewable energy sources is very important to create smart energy grids.

According to participants of the conference, for production, construction and transport industries, data on consumption of energy can be converted into information that can be used in intelligent management of power grids. All this will improve overall performance of networks constructed on the basis of renewable sources.

The government of all countries should encourage private business to invest in green energy, instead of offering tax cuts and low interest rates on loans.


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