Renesas prepared from cells embedded flash memory SG-MONOS for microcontrollers manufactured according to the norms of 16 and 14 nm

The company Renesas Electronics announced the completion of the world’s first cell flash memory SG-MONOS (Split Gate – Metal Oxide Nitride Oxide Silicon) transistors with gates in the form of fins, designed for integration in microcontrollers manufactured according to the norms of 16, 14 nm or less.

The manufacturer has already tested the technology SG-MONOS in practice. This memory-integrated microcontrollers manufactured in series according to the norms of 40 nm, and in the development of microcontrollers, designed for production according to the norms of 28 nm. The new development shows that the technology SG-MONOS well massturbate.

During the transition to regulations 16 and 14 nm logic two-dimensional transistors are replaced by transistors with surround gates in the form of a fin (FinFET). This allows to reduce the size while improving performance and reducing energy consumption.

In the memory cells transition to the transistors hampered because of the peculiarities of flash memory. A kind of flash memory with a trap charge that is used by Renesas in recent years, beyond the memory with a floating gate, in particular, in terms of reliability, which is especially important, for example, in automotive electronics. In addition, because the area that performs the function of memory is formed on the surface of a silicon substrate is relatively easy to move to three-dimensional elements. Memory cells with a floating gate harder and harder transformation in the structure in the form of a fin. Another advantage of SG-MONOS is the best compatibility with CMOS fabrication process steps, in which is formed a logical part of the circuit.

As for some of the key parameters of the new memory, it can work at frequencies up to 200 MHz and can withstand 250 000 cycles of overwriting. The degree of integration is such that allows you to embed microcontrollers in 100 MB flash memory. In serial microcontroller new memory will appear in 2023.

Source: Renesas



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