Renesas, Intrinsic ID and a Medium One undertook to simplify deployment of the Internet of things

The basis set RX231 Renesas Wi-Fi Cloud Connectivity Kit is the microcontroller Renesas RX231

Renesas Electronics, a manufacturer of semiconductor solutions, the company Intrinsic ID, specializing in the digital authentication and the company is a Medium One, positioning itself as a leading service provider for the collection and analysis of data in the IoT, announced a collaboration, which resulted in a set RX231 Wi-Fi Cloud Connectivity Kit.

The basis set RX231 Renesas Wi-Fi Cloud Connectivity Kit is a 32-bit microcontroller family Renesas RX231. Apart from him, the kit includes a hardware component with a physical uncloneable function based on SRAM created Intrinsic ID. A set of integrated cloud service Medium One. It is assumed that Renesas RX231 Wi-Fi Cloud Connectivity Kit will simplify and accelerate the deployment of Internet of things by providing developers with a good basis for exploring the possibilities of the microcontroller RX231 and platforms based on it. The fields of application solution related tools, industrial automation, medical devices, and home appliances.

The price of the kit, bearing part number index YWIRELESS-RX231 is $59. Sales have already begun.

Source: Renesas Electronics


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