Removable tray Icy Dock MB601VK-B supports drives with NVMe interface

The assortment of the company Icy Dock has added to the product, designed to accommodate the drive size 2.5 inches in drive Bay size 3.5-inch hot-pluggable.

Removable tray Icy Dock MB601VK-B is interesting because it is designed for drives with plug U. 2, on which is derived a PCIe (NVMe), SATA or SAS. Of course, you must have the appropriate host in the system.

Actually the drive secured in the tray EZ Slide Mini, designed for HDD and SSD thickness from 7 to 15 mm. When the tray is extracted, the hole he closed the shutter, blocking the path of dust. On the front panel MB601VK-B has a led status indicator and a lock preventing accidental extraction of the tray. The structure is made of metal, thereby improving the cooling of the drive.
Icy Dock
Icy Dock


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