Remote SilverStone ES02-USB allows you to remotely turn on, shutdown or restart the PC

Range SilverStone joined the device ES02-USB shown in the illustration. It is a remote control that allows you to enable, disable or restart PC.

To send commands ES02-USB uses the radio channel at 2.4 GHz. The range of the remote control is declared equal to 20 m. the included receiver connects to standard USB connector on the motherboard and the power connectors and reboot. The package also has a splitter that allows to maintain the efficiency of the power buttons and reset on the PC case. The remote control operates on one battery CR2032.

According to the manufacturer, the inclusion of a remote control may additionally protect PC from unauthorized access. In addition, the remote will come in handy if the computer is located in a remote place.

Source: SilverStone



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