Reminiscent of Intel, Qualcomm, and Microsoft that the set of commands you can’t emulate x86 without a license

According to the source, Intel publicly reminded Qualcomm and Microsoft that the instruction set (ISA) you can’t emulate x86 without a license.

A reminder was made by the mouth of Steven Rogers (Steven Rodgers), Executive Vice President and General counsel of Intel. He said that «some companies» may try to emulate the x86 ISA without prior licensing. Obviously, some companies Rogers meant Qualcomm and Microsoft, who are trying to implement the ARM architecture in personal computers by a special version of Windows 10. The new OS will include an x86 emulation that will allow no modification to run 32-bit applications for the desktop version of Windows.

Rogers recalled that in his time the company created Transmeta processors are compatible with x86 through emulation, but it ceased operations about 10 years ago.

«Only time will tell whether the new attempts to emulate the Intel x86 ISA a different destiny — leads the source words of Rogers. Intel welcomes legitimate competition.»

Rogers added that Intel does not welcome infringement of patents and expects other companies to respect its intellectual property rights.

Source: CDR info

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