Relevant ideas festive manicure 2018

These ladies know what festive image comes not only from spectacular and festive outfit, makeup and hairstyles. An important element is also a manicure. It is created for a specific situation and in harmony with basic clothing.

Festive manicure always looks elegant and impressive, allowing the girl to be the center of attention. It is different from the everyday nail art more colourful, decorated with rhinestones, beads, sequins.

Features festive manicure

The first thing that catches the eye in a festive manicure is mandatory the use of sequins. They are able to give even the most unpretentious French, lunar or monochromatic nail art, the festive mood.

When you create a festive manicure, there is virtually no limit to the choice of color or decor. To obtain a spectacular nail art along with pigment, primer, base and lacquer finish are used such decorative elements like stamping, sliders, contours, patterns, rhinestones, micro beads and decorative Scotch tape. However, it is not necessary to use all the achievements of the nail industry at the same time. Festive manicure requires careful thought and create a coherent composition, which is subject to certain topics or focused on a continuation of the main image.

A distinctive feature of festive manicure is its symbolic meaning. Often nails design reflects the theme of the celebration, whether a wedding, party, engagement, New year, birthday, etc.

The main colors of festive manicure are:

  • silver and white for wedding manicure
  • white, red, green for Christmas and new year art
  • pastel colors – for birthday and other events
  • black and orange – Halloween

Decorative paints of these colors are used as the basis for the future of the holiday nail art. In addition they use symbolic prints and drawings (hearts, lace, flowers, bows, gifts, etc.). And on each finger the decor can vary, however, it is important to achieve harmony between the elements, selecting a similar base shades and patterns.

For a festive manicure form nail does not matter. Ornate patterns will look super nice on any toes. The only rule is identity length and shape of nails on all nails.

Ideas festive manicure 2018

Today’s festive manicure can be compared to a work of art that will be long remembered by the guests of the celebration. Simple glitter over plain Polish looks too ordinary and old-fashioned. Ladies decorate their nails with rhinestones, complementing their artworks and prints. With the help of decorative elements you can focus on the manicure or parts of it, to draw attention to a particular drawing or writing.

In order to create a festive manicure you will need:

  • glitter, rhinestones, micro beads
  • sliders (self-adhesive pictures)
  • the stamp set of matching images
  • contour silver or gold color


Gradient holiday manicure

Often nail wizard is used to create a festive manicure reception Ombre. Is the perfect background for decorating with rhinestones, glitter or sequins. The color of pigments, which in turn is applied to the nail plate are selected in accordance with the theme of the celebration.

When the Ombre manicure is ready the main part of the nail can be decorated by stamping, and on the edge to place the micro beads.

The variation of the gradient manicure is the design of the «cat’s eye». Due to the overflow of deep colors, this nail art actually does not need additional decorations. Take a look at the photos and you will understand how «cat» manicure looks impressive and solemn.

Festive lunar French

The combination of classic French and lunar manicure allows you to create festive nail art, which harmoniously fit into any outfit. As the basis for the lunar jacket uses bright and rich pigment. For example, brightly and solemnly looks at the combination of red background, white «smile» and the root hole.

For dressing choose 1 or 2 accent finger. Most often it is nameless, it prints, stamps and drawings look the most appropriate and expressive. Select other fingers sequins or beads – festive nail art is ready. This manicure looks restrained, but a Royal luxurious and stylish.

Wedding manicure

This is special for every girl to look perfect manicure is no exception. Most brides prefer the classic French manicure with a transparent background and a bright smile. This festive nail-art add 3D flowers, located in the center of the nail plate. Midway flowers adorned with rhinestones or beads.

Often, nail designs repeating patterned structure veil brides. This sequel is more than impressive.

Current trends festive manicure 2018

Options festive manicure limitless number of people. Every fashionista strives to create a unique and elegant nail art that will become part of the festive image, but its main element. To achieve this result, it is insufficient to use only paint and decor, you need to choose a quality type of coating and color.

Popular trends of the season are:

  • a gel Polish that does not contain ammonia
  • noble deep shades
  • the use of nail art with the effect of «cat’s eye» and chameleon
  • the combination of one manicure a few designs
  • the distribution of the same design on multiple nails

Gel Polish has long replaced conventional varnishes. The durability of this nail Polish is much higher, and the palette has a noble restrained hues. Perform a festive manicure gel Polish, you can be sure that your design will not chip and will not lose attractiveness at the most inconvenient time.

The effect of «cat’s eye» and a chameleon in their own right. This is a great background for any design or art. «Cat» manicure goes perfectly with the sliders, matte varnish pattern.

Very popular among fashionistas are transferable leaves and sparkling decor. From the variety of decorative elements they are best suited for creating a festive manicure. In addition to classic themed images and rhinestones you can use the crystal drops and microgamin.

No matter how beautiful and glamorous manicure you did, it darkened brittle and exfoliate the nails. Therefore, it is important to care for your hands periodically arranging them strengthen and baths.

Festive manicure allows you to show individuality of each girl. It sets the mood that will accompany you throughout the celebration. Stylish, chic and elegant of nail art – a sign of well-groomed women who prefer to be the center of attention.

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