Reference front 120 accelerators Radeon Instinct MI25 has the performance of 3 PFLOPS

Presenting the initiative of the AMD Radeon Instinct designed to promote deep learning, AMD talked about solutions developed by its partners. In particular, this module SuperMicro SYS 1028GQ-TRT, designed for rack mounting.

Server Inventec K888 is equipped with four accelerators Radeon Instinct MI25 with a total capacity of 100 TFLOPS. The system configuration includes 24 slots for memory modules DDR4-2400 (total — 768 GB), up to 12 drives size 3.5-inch or 24-inch drive size 2.5-inch SAS 12GB/s or ATA. Possible to install two SSDS that support NVMe in PCI Gen3 x8.

The configuration of the model Falconwitch PS1816 includes 16 accelerators Radeon Instinct MI25 with a total capacity of 400 TFLOPS. In PS1816 emphasis on switching PCIe. A total of 288 visible lines Gen 3, of which 8×16 are used for the GPU, FPGA and SSD, NVMe, and 8×8 and 6h16 — NIC, HBA and IB. In the result, the connection of the accelerators or other resources to multiple hosts (from 1 to 20) with the possibility of dynamic resource allocation and aggregation of connections. Bandwidth non-blocking P2P connection reaches up to 144 GB. The chassis has six power units with total capacity of 6600 watts.

The reference Desk is created by Inventec, can include up to 120 accelerators Radeon Instinct MI25 with a total performance of 3 PFLOPS. Six of the servers of size 2U SSD with a total volume of 288ТБ and six PCIe switches Falconwitch size 4U. In addition, three modules 1U is reserved for the components of the network connection.

Sources: AMD, own correspondent iXBT



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