Reeven Koios — a computer case with a horizontal motherboard, and a pair of custom solutions

The company Reeven new product — computer case Koios, designed for installation motherboard size microATX and Mini-ITX. Like many other modern buildings, Koios is divided into two compartments.

But more interesting is that the motherboard it is installed horizontally rather than vertically, and the housing can be opened-type hood American truck when the front panel and top lean forward.

Reeven Koios has a substantially cubic shape, the dimensions of the device are 380 x 265 x 320 mm. according to the creators, the inside has enough space to install graphics cards up to 340 mm and CPU coolers up to 180 mm.

In the lower compartment Koios place for the power supply and drives. There are two baskets: in one, you can install a couple of drives size 2.5 inches, in the other three hard drives size 3.5 inches. One compartment of the sizes of 5.25 and 3.5 inch is at the top of the front panel.

A remarkable feature of the external execution Koios — small Windows scattered along the top and side panels. And yet the mind clings to the handle, which will reduce the portability of the computer, collected in this case.

The default device is equipped with only a single fan — 120 mm in diameter, attached at the rear. At the mercy of the user given setting of the front fan with a diameter of 140 or 120 mm.

Reeven Koios is endowed with two USB 3.0 ports and standard connectors for headphones and microphone, as well as slots for reading and writing memory cards and control the fan speed. Moreover, it is made in the form of analog knobs adjust the volume.

Source: Reeven



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