Reducing the demand for DVD Sony caused almost $ 1 billion of the impairment loss

According to the source, in the quarterly report, Sony has reflected an impairment loss in the amount of 976 million dollars associated with the activity of the cinematographic unit. Losses caused by reduced demand on DVD due to the rising popularity of live streaming services.

Write-offs followed the decline of Sony forecast sales of DVDs and Blu-ray, and other activities of the company in the home entertainment segment. The manufacturer notes that the decline coincides with the General trend of the market.

According to Sony, the effect of the aforementioned write-off and sale of the shares of the company M3 providing online medical service (Sony reduces its share in the M3 from 39.3% to 34%, to improve their financial position) will be reflected in the quarterly report. Publication of report scheduled for 2 February.

Source: Reuters



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