Red Digital Cinema offers $ 1,200 to place an order for the smartphone is Hydrogen, nothing about him saying

Over the past few years in the smartphone market there were several companies that promised the device with the top options a lot of features and sometimes just amazing possibilities. And these companies always started fundraising well before the planned appearance of the serial devices.

Almost all (or all) such cases ended in nothing. Buyers of its smartphones have not received, and company in the best case, promised to correct the situation, and at worst simply disappeared.

Despite this there is always someone who wants easy money. Of course, in absentia, accusing Red of fraud is impossible, but the scenario is exactly the same as in previous cases.

So, Red has announced a smartphone under the sonorous name Hydrogen. At the moment neither the platform nor the memory or the screen resolution or the number and resolution of cameras or other basic settings. It is known that Hydrogen will get a holographic display with a diagonal of 5.7 inches and will appear in the first quarter of 2018.

The fact of a holographic display is alarming, not to mention the lack of options. Perhaps, this rant is hiding the screen is capable of displaying stereoscopic image without the need for glasses. This is possible because smartphone manufacturers have experimented with similar solutions even six or seven years ago. Yes, even the smartphone is modular, more precisely, the support modules, like the Moto Z. the image also shows the presence of the audio Jack and USB port.

That’s about it. Although there is no. For Hydrogen the company is asking 1200 or $ 1600 depending on performance! The Junior version is made of aluminum, and the high — titanium. And it’s not just the prices — Red offers now to pay for smartphones. The order form lets you order up to 10 smartphones, that’s more like trolling.

And, it would seem, we face a standard fraud scheme that used more than once. However, the difference is that Red is not some unknown company or firm, revived from obscurity. Red is the same Red Digital Cinema, founded in 1999 and produces a range of digital cameras. For example, the Red camera to shoot their films uses the famous Director Steven Soderbergh. That is, in this case in the beginning of next year we can get a new player in the smartphone market. However, considering the price, it is unlikely he will take any significant share.


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