Recycle Samsung Galaxy Note7 will allow you to get more than 157 tons of gold, silver, copper, and cobalt

Samsung not long ago launched a rebuilt version of last year’s Galaxy Note7, which went on sale in a limited edition of a few hundred thousand units.

The international organization Greenpeace has endorsed the decision of Samsung Electronics to launch Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Fan Edition, but do not forget that last year the market was recalled 4.3 million vehicles.

A large portion of smartphones will be subjected to processing, in connection with which Samsung has published a new statement, which says that the company will receive as a result of this process, more than 157 tons of gold, silver, copper and cobalt. The process of recycling will begin before the end of this month.

Some parts, like displays, memory modules, and cameras, will be used to re-service centers, the manufacturer will sell parts at discount prices.



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