Recently, Apple went to work many specialists map service Here

According to the source, Apple in recent months has hired several employees who previously worked on the map service Here. Recall that the service, formerly owned by Nokia, came under the control of the German manufacturers last summer.

Apple also hired at least half a dozen specialists Here. Among them, the senior software engineer Hahn Tran (Tran Khang), the project Manager Here Gilbert Schulz (Schulz Gilbert) and others. However, some have switched to Apple in the past and even the year before, so it’s not entirely clear exactly who became a member of Cupertino giant recently.

But it is interesting that all the people on the list live in Berlin, based on what the source draws a conclusion about the possible presence in the German capital a «secret» office Apple. More precisely, about this office in April reported the publisher of the Frankfurter Allgemeine. Supposedly a team of 15-20 people worked on the car project of Apple.

You may recall that Apple, according to some sources, intends to seriously take up the improvement of their own map service, Maps. So the experts Here company very useful.



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