Recent data indicate that the iPhone 8 will be delayed until November

Today an anonymous source from the Korean supply chain provided the edition of The Investor information that the iPhone 8 will be launched only in November this year.

As for the iPhone 7s, and 7s Plus, which are equipped with LCD displays, they will go on sale as originally planned in September of this year.

«Apple recently approved a plan to launch two new smartphones with LCD screens in September of this year, — said the source. — However, the release of the new iPhone 8 with OLED display is likely to be delayed to November».

The insider claims that one of the main problems that led to the delay, the long-suffering is the location of the fingerprint sensor. Recall, the iPhone 8 has received a large display that covers almost the entire front panel, which had to abandon traditional family Home button with integrated fingerprint scanner.

Apple has long been testing an ultrasonic fingerprint sensor, which was placed under the surface of the display, however, because of errors in his work cupertinos had refused such a solution. In the same way a few months ago was Samsung with its flagship Salaxy S8, in the end, placing the scanner on the rear panel.

«The design of the rear panel of the iPhone 8 has not yet been approved, adds the source. We can’t start shipping components, as waiting for the final decision of Apple».

«Recognition of fingerprints plays a vital role in the operation of the service, Apple Pay, the system may not work correctly. Apple, it seems, are unable to hone a new technology in the upcoming iPhone,» added an expert on displays, who also wished to remain anonymous.

In other words, the chance remains that the fingerprint sensor will appear on the back or side of your iPhone 8.

Previous information about the beginning of mass production of new smartphones for the iPhone 7s, and 7s Plus.



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