Razer Project Valerie — a gaming laptop with three displays that support G-Sync

Razer has chosen CES 2017 to show a concept design called Project Valerie. In short, it’s a gaming laptop with a 3D card Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 and three displays that support the technology Nvidia G-Sync. Each screen size of 17.3 inches has a resolution of 4K.

The design of the laptop includes a mechanism for automatically initiating lateral displays and sadikali them back into the cover. According to the manufacturer, the presence of three built-in screens relieves the user from the worries of cables, placement and power of external monitors.

Fancy laptop can be useful not only to fans of full immersion in the game. Because the displays cover 100% of the space Adobe RGB, you can use laptop for working with photos and videos. It should also be noted the use of mechanical switches in the keyboard.

The thickness of the mobile computer with a metal chassis does not exceed 4 cm, and it weighs less than 7 kg.

Does Razer to produce a serial product based on Project Valerie is still unknown.

Source: Razer



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