Razer has revealed Project Ariana, the principle of which is borrowed from the IllumiRoom

Exactly four years ago at CES 2013 introduced the Microsoft IllumiRoom, which eventually proved to be too expensive to offer it to the end user.

2017 at CES, Razer revealed the ideological heir of the IllumiRoom Project called Ariana. The developers call Ariana Project system of video projection, created in order to make the gameplay more exciting.

The principle of operation remains the same, the installation projects the game image off the monitor, it fills most of your room. The basis of the Project lies Ariana high resolution projector equipped with a wide angle lens.

In addition, the projector is equipped with two cameras, which are used to determine the depth of the space and the occupants of the interior and then correcting the projected image. In IllumiRoom for these purposes, Microsoft used Kinect.

Details about price and release date for Ariana Project is not disclosed.



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