Razer has confirmed the theft of two laptops Valerie, for the valuable information, the company will pay $25 thousand

As we already reported, yesterday the President of Razer Min-Liang tan (Min-Liang Tan) has stated that in the course of the exhibition CES 2017 from the company’s stand was stolen two previously presented prototype.

Initially, he did not go into details, but later said that the attackers stole two laptop Razer Valerie, which is equipped with three displays.

Min-Liang tan did not rule out the possibility of industrial espionage, he also said that for providing valuable information which will help to find the stolen prototypes, as well as to identify, apprehend and punish the thieves, you can get a reward of 25 thousand dollars. Any information waiting on the address legal@razerzone.com.

It is worth adding that in 2011 the Razer office in San Francisco was stolen two Razer Blade prototype laptops.



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