Rates of major cryptocurrencies fell significantly

Due to the almost total lack of gaming graphics cards in the sale in most global markets, many ordinary users know what a cryptocurrency is, how to mine and what the miners are to blame for the lack of graphics cards.

Yesterday we talked about the situation with the availability of 3D maps in the near future should not expect. However, by the evening there was another collapse in exchange rates of major cryptocurrencies.

For example, Ethereum dipped from about 230 to $ 180, zcash for — about the same Monero — from 42 to $ 37. And the process continues. Of course, this is still many times more than the cost of these cryptocurrencies in the beginning of the year, but this trend could cause beginners (and not only) producers to hold off on buying new video cards for their farms.

This in turn can lead to more rapid filling of the market of graphics cards at normal prices.


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