Range of be quiet! joined the series power supply SFX Power L

Company be quiet! announced the release of series SFX L Power. The series includes models with a capacity of 500 and 600 watts. These power supply units are designed for small systems.

The power supply size SFX usually uses 80 mm fans. To provide good cooling, so the fan needs to spin faster than the fan is larger, which leads to the increase of noise level. Selecting new blocks of size SFX-L, designers be quiet! gave them a low-noise 120 mm fan, the speed of which depends on the temperature.

According to the manufacturer, the new PSU will fit in most small buildings, designed for Board size mini-ITX. To be installed instead of a standard ATX unit to the included mounting bracket.

In blocks provides protection against various contingencies.

Cable systems — modular, which not only allows you to not install unused cables, but also to pick up the cables of optimum length, which is especially important in the case of small systems. The included flat cables are black.

Model with capacity of 500 W costs 109 euros, 600 W — 129 euros. Tags:
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