Range joined the Swiftech waterblock with full cover Komodo RX 480

Company Swiftech announced the release waterblock Komodo RX480. It is designed for the reference sample 3D-card AMD Radeon RX 480. In full compliance with the latest trends, description of new product begins with mention of full-color led backlight LS80 Lightstrip, which can be optionally installed on the waterblock. Well as options of the proposed controller and the backlight plate that is mounted on the back side of the PCB.

As for the waterblock, it belongs to the category g with full coverage. The base is made of copper. The manufacturer emphasizes that it is chrome-plated, not Nickel-plated, as is usually the case. Cover is made of transparent acrylic plastic. For connection to other components, ITS intended pair of standard ports G1/4. Product dimensions — 190 x 123 x 20 mm, weight — 1105 g.

Waterblock Swiftech Komodo RX480 is estimated by the manufacturer at $100.

Source: Swiftech


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