Range EK Water Blocks joined the radiator for SSD size M. 2

Company EK Water Blocks announced the release of heat sink for solid state drives size M. 2. According to the manufacturer, this cooler can reduce the temperature of the SSD at 8-11°C and even more (assuming adequate air flow in the PC case).

According to EK Water Blocks, the radiator is easy to install and can be reused. It fits well in the appearance of the system. The manufacturer offers two options for the external design, which are shown in the illustrations.

Radiator EK-M. 2 NVMe Heatsink is compatible with SSD size M. 2 2280 unilateral placement of the chips. The design includes the actual radiator and the plate located on the back side of the Board drive.

The price of the option EK-M. 2 NVMe Heatsink – Nickel is approximately equal to 13 euros, a variant of the EK-M. 2 NVMe Heatsink – Black costs about 10 euros.

Source: EK Water Blocks

EK Water Blocks


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