RAISR technology allows four times to reduce the size of images in Google+

Google spoke about the use of technology RAISR, which is based on the principle of machine learning. This technology is already beginning to use Google+.

Usually view images in high resolution accompanied by a decrease in download speed and increase in traffic. For many mobile Internet users is still a problem that they can’t forget.

To allow photographers to showcase their work in Google+ in all its glory and created a technology RAISR, which first began in November last year. This technology allows the use of machine learning for building high-quality versions of images are displayed in low resolution.

Application RAISR for constructing images in high resolution reduces the size of the final image four times. The use of the technology began recently, but each week RAISR is used to process more than one billion images on Google+.

In the coming weeks, the technology should start to be used more actively.



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