Radeon RX 580 will be able to conquer the frequency of 1500 MHz for the core

In the near future, AMD will present graphics card line Radeon RX 500. All the adapters that will introduce this month, will be based on the GPU Polaris.

In the Network appeared the test results of several models in 3DMark. For example, the Radeon RX 580 in the test of Firestrike Extreme score gains 6321, operating on frequencies 1355 MHz for the core and 8000 MHz for the memory. Apparently, that is the reference value, this means that AMD did a good job on the frequency capacity of the Polaris. Moreover, the test results at frequencies of 1500 MHz for the core and 8484 MHz for the memory indicate that the maximum frequency available during acceleration also increased. By the way, at these frequencies, the card is gaining 6880 points.

Radeon RX 570 in the same test scores to 5694 5719 points. In the second case, the frequencies are 1325 MHz for the core and 7000 MHz for the memory.

As for the budget cards of the Radeon RX 550, it picks up 1832 points, operating at frequencies of 1190 MHz for the core and 7000 MHz for the memory. This is significantly less than the result of the RX 460, but the new adapter and is not a successor of this card. According to the latest data, RX 550 will get Polaris 12 GPU with 640 stream processors, then there will be even cheaper than the RX 460.



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