Radeon RX 550 in performance, Asus has not received an increase to the frequency

Asus today has also added to the official site for information about Radeon RX 550. Like many other manufacturers, Asus was limited to two models.

They are named: Radeon RX 550 2GB GDDR5 and Radeon RX 550 4GB GDDR5. The only difference is the memory. The frequency of the GPU and memory are identical: 1183 MHz and 7000 MHz respectively. By the way, comparing the various data and settings Radeon RX 550 different manufacturers, it is possible with high probability to assume that the recommended GPU are 1100/1183 MHz. This is confirmed by the data on the website Radeon.com that yesterday was different, even though the information on the website AMD.com specifies the frequency at 1287 MHz.

Returning to the Asus cards, their length is 182 mm. Not the minimal result, but the adapters still compact enough. Responsible for the power with a small aluminum heatsink and a single fan. The power subsystem, judging by the photos, has four phases.

The standard set of ports for RX 550 and includes DVI, HDMI and DisplayPort.

Radeon RX 550
, Asus


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