Radeon Pro Duo you can buy for $ 800

Soon, AMD needs to release a real flagship graphics card that can compete with the GeForce GTX 1080. But many forget that the accelerator is in the range of a long time. Rather, he appeared before the release of the current flagship of Nvidia.

Talking about model Radeon Pro Duo, introduced in March last year. Recall, this 3D-card is equipped with two full Fiji GPU with a liquid cooling system. The problem is that this card has become almost mythical. And because of the cost $ 1,500, and positioning as a first professional adapter, and due to the shortage. What can we say, if the majority of investigative resources even published reviews of this monster.

And now, after almost a year after the announcement, those who, for one reason or another really wanted to buy this card, but couldn’t afford it, can again think about buying. The fact that the model began to fall. And it’s not about a gradual decrease in prices. Some online stores have started offering the device for $ 800, that is almost half the price. Of course, the GeForce GTX 1080 is cheaper, consumes less power, has a large amount of memory and not so much lost in performance, but a buyer at a new price AMD will obviously find.

By the way, Radeon R9 X can now be found for around $ 310.



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