Quark VR showed a prototype wireless headset virtual reality HTC Vive

At the end of last year, there were rumors about the imminent announcement of a wireless virtual reality helmet HTC Vive 2, which was denied by the leadership of the Taiwanese company.

Even earlier, in September 2016, Valve VR and Quark announced the beginning of joint work on project of wireless helmet HTC Vive. Initially, the prototype had to show up to the end of the year, but only now the developers have released the following video.

The developers used a single-Board computer to which wires connected the HTC Vive, and also portable battery. Between single Board computer and a full-fledged gaming PC, you want to work with the HTC Vive, wireless communication is launched.

The use of additional devices equipped with Wi-Fi module, allows to reduce the latency compared to the other solution, when Wi-Fi module try to put right in the helmet.

Details about your project Quark VR will tell in the near future.



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