Qualcomm will book 7-nanometer SoC, not Samsung, and TSMC

According to the source, Samsung Electronics has been unable to obtain orders Qualcomm to release ICS on the norms of 7 nm. They went to TSMC, a rival South Korean manufacturer in the market of contract manufacturing of semiconductor products.

Allegedly, the 7-nanometer SoC Qualcomm plans to submit at the end of the year.

The reason for the decision is called the delay Qualcomm Samsung Electronics with the development of a new stage of technological standards. Company TSMC was able to bypass Samsung Electronics, as the missed the stage from 10 nm and focused to 7 nm.

Note that the 10-nanometer chips Qualcomm releases Samsung. This brings her to about 40% of the revenue generated through contract manufacturing. If Samsung will not be able to find new customers, next year the revenue division will begin to decline.

A few years ago, the company Samsung has been in a similar situation, losing the biggest customer is Apple.

Source: CDR info

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