Qualcomm supplies the market with more than 1 million chips for IoT in the day

Qualcomm has boasted that currently supplies the market with more than 1 million chips for Internet of things (IoT) a day. In addition, the partners of the company already managed to realize more than 1.5 billion devices for this segment.

Qualcomm notes that its solutions find application in various segments. So, the market has more than 150 wearable electronics devices. The company also claims that more than 80% of smart hours with Android Wear, which already entered the market or was submitted, use Wear Snapdragon SoC 2100. In this case, probably refers to either the last 12 months, or the period from the beginning of the year, as if to take the smartwatch market with Android Wear as a whole, since its inception, to talk about 80% of the devices with Snapdragon Wear 2100 is clearly not necessary.

The company boasted of the fact that offers its clients more than 25 ready-made reference design platforms, including solutions for voice assistants, surveillance cameras, drones, and so on. This allows the partners to quickly release new products.

According to analysts referenced by Qualcomm, by 2025, the IOT market is estimated at 11 trillion dollars. In this case, the prediction can really come true, because this segment is expanding every day.



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