Qualcomm Snapdragon and Snapdragon 410E 600E — new old system on a chip, but now for embedded solutions

Qualcomm gave a second life to two of its not the latest single-chip systems. Talking about SoC Snapdragon 410, which is still quite relevant, and SoC Snapdragon 600, which had long been used.

Updated versions are called Snapdragon and 410E 600E and is intended for embedded systems. From the configuration point of view there are no changes. It’s all the same Quad-core SoC, as before, which are quite different from each other.

Solutions focused on digital signage, various displays, terminals, medical devices, vending devices, the devices of the IOT, and so forth. In fact, the only significant difference from the consumer version — a 10-year support. Also Snapdragon 410E 600E and became the first Qualcomm SoC, which were transferred to third parties. In particular, while it is only about the company Arrow Electronics.



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