Qualcomm requires the adoption of pre-trial decisions in the case against Apple partners

Recently, the company Qualcomm has filed a lawsuit against Apple partners: Foxconn, Pegatron, Wistron and Compal Electronics. They are charged that do not pay royalties.

Recall that Apple has with Qualcomm no contract on licensing. Instead, royalties are paid to contract manufacturers engaged in the Assembly of Apple devices. But after Cupertino giant has filed a lawsuit against Qualcomm, it became known that he ceased to transfer Chinese partners funds needed to pay for the licensing fees of Qualcomm. Moreover, these Chinese companies do not dispute agreements with semiconductor manufacturer and continue to pay him royalties for the products of other companies.

Yesterday it became known that Qualcomm has updated its claims in the lawsuit. The company requires to be taken pre-trial decision on the payments of royalties by Chinese companies at the time of the trial. Simply put, Qualcomm will win or lose is unknown, but the company wants at the time of the litigation she still paid the required royalty.

The very same Qualcomm is confident that its contracts are valid and enforceable. The company also claims that Apple is aware of their inability to prove their case in court and only wants to weaken Qualcomm due to the lack of monetary contributions by the partners.



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