Qualcomm reported for the last quarter of the 2017 financial year and for the year as a whole

The company Qualcomm 24 September 2017 financial year. This week the manufacturer has published a report for the last quarter and the year as a whole.

Qualcomm’s quarterly turnover amounted to $ 5.9 billion, a decrease of 5% compared with the figure for the fourth quarter of 2016, equal to 6.2 billion dollars. In comparison with the previous quarter recorded an increase of 10%.

Quarterly operating profit for the year decreased by 82% from 1.8 to 0.3 billion. In the third quarter of 2017 financial year it was equal to 0.8 billion dollars. In other words, during the quarter, operating profit declined by 57%.

Net profit amounted to 0.2 billion dollars. This is 89% less than a year ago and 81% less compared to the previous quarter.

For the year as a whole it made 22.3 billion dollars. Compared to the 2016 financial year, this figure decreased by 5%.

Operating profit for the year amounted to 7.6 billion dollars, which is 60% less than the previous year.

Net profit for the year amounted to $ 2.5 billion, which is 57% less compared to the previous year.



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