Qualcomm is preparing to release Snapdragon SoC 660, 635 and 630, which will be on 14-nanometer process technology

In the network appeared the information about the single-chip system Qualcomm Snapdragon 660, 635 and 630.

The last two will replace the still quite fresh Snapdragon 625 and 626. Recall, Snapdragon 625/626 is the only single-chip system Qualcomm, not related to the upper segment, produced on 14-nanometer process technology. Thanks to the smartphones on the basis of these decisions often have been given good battery life.

Snapdragon 630 and 635, of course, also be produced according to the norms of 14 nm. They also will contain eight processor cores Cortex-A53. What would be the differences, is unclear. It is likely that Qualcomm will increase the frequency of the CPU and GPU.

Snapdragon 660 is a lot more interest. This SoC will be the first in the middle segment from Qualcomm, which will be on 14-nanometer process technology. Formally it will replace the Snapdragon 652, which apparently because of an outdated process is not gained special popularity. It is expected that the configuration of this SoC will include four Cortex-A73 and four Cortex-A53. As the GPU will perform Adreno 512. By the way, all this coincides with the data that we published back in November.



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