Qualcomm is credited with the intention to produce single-chip system Snapdragon 836

According to the source, Qualcomm may repeat his last year’s experience and to release an updated version of its flagship system.

Presumably, the new SoC will be called Snapdragon 836. While it is not known what the new version will differ from the existing one. Most likely, as in the case with SoC Snapdragon 820/821, the changes will be subtle and not particularly significant.

Snapdragon 821 was submitted in July, although the first smartphones on the basis of this decision appeared on the market only in autumn. If the source is right, the announcement of Snapdragon 836 can be expected within the next month. Continuing the analogy, we can assume that SoC Snapdragon 836 will be based the Google Pixel the new generation.



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