Qualcomm integrates into SoC CSRA6620 DDFA amplifier of the new generation

Qualcomm Technologies has introduced a new generation of low-frequency amplifiers Qualcomm DDFA designed for high-quality audio devices, including wireless speaker systems and headphone amplifiers.

Simple class-D amplifiers, though, and have high energy efficiency, usually can not be compared with linear amplifiers the quality of sound. The DDFA amplifiers to compensate for the nonlinearity of the power supplies and output stages uses a completely digital circuit of the PWM and the patented architecture of the feedback. According to the manufacturer, it provides much better sound quality and flexibility while maintaining the benefits of the amplifiers class D.

The DDFA amplifier of the new generation will be integrated into the single chip system CSRA6620. Controller configuration DDFA includes eight-channel input, dual channel output, the microcontroller and configurable audio processor. These blocks simplifies and reduces the cost of integration in schemes of devices. According to the data of the manufacturer, CSRA6620 demonstrates the signal/noise 113 dB, total harmonic distortion and noise of 0.005% (range 20-20 000 Hz). For the exterior design CSRA6620 selected body dimensions of the QFN 9 x 9 mm.

Source: Qualcomm



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