Qualcomm has appealed, not wanting to pay a fine of almost $ 1 billion

At the end of last year the Korean fair trade Commission (KFTC) fined the company Qualcomm to 1.03 trillion Korean won, which at the time corresponded to approximately 865 million dollars.

Then the company said that once the decision enters into force, it will appeal. It was done today. Qualcomm filed a lawsuit in the Seoul Central district court, demanding to cancel the decision of the KFTC.

Recall that Qualcomm was accused of abuse of a dominant market position, forcing smartphone manufacturers to pay license fees for unreasonably broad patents with the purchase of modems and so on.

Qualcomm claims that the decision was made without proper evidence of harm to competition caused her business model. On the contrary, the company believes that its principles work on the market, promoting competition. Qualcomm also expressed the opinion that the decision was made under the strong influence of commercial interests.



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